The Style of the New Century!

Office Workstations have evolved over time. From the tanker desks of yesteryear to the modular office furniture systems of today, the office furniture industry is constantly adapting to new demands in the modern workforce.
Today’s evolutionary manifestation is tech-savvy office workstations that support and nurture an open office environment by removing the traditional cubicle privacy walls. These office furniture workstations are often referred to – among office furniture professionals - as a "benching system" or "bench desks" and are characterized by minimal separation among individual work spaces, and smart designs that include power/data integration.
At DKI we affectionately refer to these types of office workstations as the "uncubicle". These "uncubicles" were conceived to enable, support and inspire creativity within the Open Plan Office, the quintessential collaborative workspace of this young new century.
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