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    Pure Cloud USA Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal


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    Today’s workplace, event location or public space brings together large numbers of people. To ensure health and safety of employees and visitors, businesses can take steps to control access to those spaces.

    Pure Cloud USA Temperature Measurement Terminal is a hands-free monitor that scans each person as they enter.

    The real-time scan, which measures human facial features up to forty inches away, reads body temperature in milliseconds and is accurate to within three-tenths of a degree.

    The built in facial recognition technology can store up to twenty thousand images and compares within five milliseconds. You can add or delete images and save live photos.

    All scans are safe and contact free.

    The system supports stranger detection, distance recognition and remote device upgrade. It works with wired or wireless systems.

    Wall mount, desk top and floor stand available. Program available to interface with existing security platforms.

    Accessories include I-D reader, Q-R code reader and supports an optional card swipe module.

    D-K-I, your complete office and technology supplier in metro New Orleans, serves customers throughout the Gulf South and neighboring states. We can help you ensure the safety of your employees and customers with the Pure Cloud U-S-A Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal. Visit us online or call today to find out how.


    Access Gates, Entrances to Office buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls, Factories, Industrial Plants, Businesses, Fitness Clubs, Public Buildings, Sporting Events, any services requiring temperature detection and face accessing control places.


    • Real-time body temperature scan, Tolerance range accurate to +/- 0.3.
    • Detection distance up to 40 inches
    • 20 millisecond temperature reading speed
    • Facial Recognition Technology with Night Vision
    • Local storage of more than 20,000 faces
    • 1:1 Aauthentication rate over 99%;
    • Facial retraction rate .20ms
    • Facial feature comparison rate 0.5ms (10,000 faces database)
    • New person detection and live photo save
    • Interface with existing platform
    • Support HTTP and TCP interface
    • Plug and play setup with customizable display screen
    • Proprietary software platform interface

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