The current urgency during COVID 19 is to help organizations and venues operate, while this coronavirus  and other viruses without a cure threaten our everyday life.

With this in mind, DKI discovered PURE CLOUD USA, a way to help provide a solution to this very challenging demand.  Pure Cloud USA checks people’s temperatures as well as safely disinfects them, outer clothing and any personal belongings, prior to entering or leaving a building or event.  This process affords organizations the ability to prescreen entrants as well as help places stay sanitized.  Ultimately, Pure Cloud USA helps mitigate the  transference of deadly viruses and will assist in keeping us safe, no matter the place or season.     

Social distancing is not enough. We need more protection from the transmission of deadly viruses. We want people to feel safe going to work or attending venues.  We want our children in school without worrying if they are tracking a virus or germs in the classroom or bringing a virus home.  We desire our favorite sports teams to play again, festivals and concerts to reopen.    

DKI is proud to offer PURE CLOUD to your organization.  

The Pure Cloud tunnel is designed to conveniently measure temperature and help disinfect people, including children, elderly, disabled, wheelchairs and even large and small pets.  Adopting fully automatic intelligent control in its design, it greatly reduces manual operation and monitoring workloads to ensure seamless pass through of people, pets and objects. 

  • Human body infrared induction
  • Body Temperature Sensing Mode-
    Body Temperature Accuracy-
    ± 0.2 F
  • Body Temperature Display Panel-
    5-inch HD touch screen (optional)
  • Body Temperature Detection Output-
    The equipment will sound an alarm upon abnormal temperature